Rastrelliere Portabiciclette
             Bicycle Rack

Vendita rastrelliere per portabiciclette



The In –Bosco bicycle racks bring happiness and order in a world usually gray and sad.
They are perfect for decorating,
as well as public places, condominium spaces, common areas and home gardens.


The urban greenery and ecology have become a key issue in the administration of our cities.

Why not bring a little of joy and color with a piece of furniture usually purely functional, as well as giving the possibility to park our bikes safely?

In-Bosco is a product line that offers bike racks for 2, 3 or 4 modules, which can be extended with many housings as you want.

In addition to this In-Bosco offers the possibility to have bicycle racks curves for 3 modules that can be placed around trees in order to create safe bicycle parking, to complete with happiness spaces and to live with more joy.




Vendita rastrelliere portabiciclette